by Neil Chopra

A beautiful name can savor sweetly when said;
But if foul deeds be done,
When said again,
Tastes like poison when it leaves the tongue.
One at first is bitterly spoke,
Ringing fearfully from lips;
But with greatness lit from owner’s post,
Is reborn anew in a generation’s midst.

A beautiful voice can sing melodies when heard;
But if laced with ill will,
When heard again,
Punctures the mind with a sound so shrill.
One at first is parched and rough,
Scratching listener’s ears;
But with words that lift, like a needed crutch,
Resonates through the bones so calm and clear.

A beautiful body can seem lithe when watched;
But if cold to the touch,
When seen again,
Soft limbs look frosted when eyes adjust.
One at first is so grotesque
That eyes avert disgraced;
But with gentle ease and confidence,
Gives comfort found in their warm embrace.

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