by Neil Chopra

The date of this publishing is inspired by the Perry v. Schwarzenegger ruling, originally announced August 4, 2010


Fertile soil for planting seed
Promised to one precociously;
Estates at war do find their peace,
Fathers betrothing brides to be.
A dowry sent to sweeten deal
In case physique has lost appeal;
Wife will submit to husband’s zeal
So family’s insurance is sealed.

Holy union looked on by ghosts,
Consummated with curling toes;
If not a dream, a path foretold,
Until the bed becomes so cold.
When passion leads body astray
And sanctity is tossed away,
Those sacred bonds resemble chains,
Fragile enough to snap and break.

A child raised in formal caste
To follow pace with ages past;
Obedience forever lasts;
A deviant leaves all aghast.
Discipline drawn from teacher’s hurt,
A mother’s warmth from maid at work;
Limits on where the mind can search,
Shackled in womb and after birth.


Two souls asleep awake when near,
Whether routine or labeled queer;
Fingers entwine devoid of fear,
Whether blessed or met with jeers.
Control of fate outside our hands,
Too pure to tame and meet demands;
Euphoric bliss lost in this trance,
None can pause this eternal dance.

No diamond binds commitment true;
A paper signed can tear in two;
No doctrine cages love with rules;
No ceremonial motions prove
What can be seen when eyes do lock:
A crippling scream when torn apart,
Attuned with every strength and fault,
Combined as one until death’s march.

An innocent youth, born to fly,
Held in arms which would rather die
Than see harm cause their boon to cry;
But sets it free when it comes time.
Home manifests where shelter’s found,
And questions met with answers sound;
When prejudice is slowly drowned,
And in new eras, wisdom sprouts.

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