by Neil Chopra

The style of this poem is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”.

When we profit from our toil (or inherit other’s spoils),
Unable to yield the joy of running up the score.
When the shadow’s work completes, enough collected for the feat,
It turns around to proudly meet the waiting challenge at the door.

When we purchase lavish style, objects thrown atop the pile,
Hoping temporary smiles don’t give way to scorn.
When the shadow does procure, it focuses on what endures,
Keeping possessions always pure of extravagance’s form.

When we lust after our urge and indulge seductive words,
Caught up in the sudden surge of desire newly born.
When the shadow’s passion flares, discipline laughs at the dare,
Body constantly prepared when temptation is the norm.

When we eat for savored taste, serving overflowing plates,
Leftovers are left to waste as sweat exits the pores.
When the shadow takes a bite, just enough for hunger’s plight,
Ignoring glutton’s longing sight, swallows never forced.

When we admit to what we crave, seldom making thoughts behave,
Yearning for addiction saved by a charitable pour.
When the shadow feels its wants beckoning with lonely taunts,
It never lets the calling daunt its will to need no more:
Shadow’s greed dead and lost evermore.

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